Surf's Up

So today I went surfing. I’ve never surfed before and probably will not again. But it was fun. 39 of us went to Surfers Paradise Beach for a 2 hour lesson today. First we had to learn how to catch a wave. That was easy and fun. I can scream across the top of water on a board. Mind you this whole process took place in waist deep water. They stress safety.

But then, we had to learn how to “pop-up” into a standing position. That is not so easy. We tried first to jump up from a lying down position on the board deck, but it was to difficult for most of us to just pop up into a standing position from there, so we had additional instruction on a three step process to standing on the board. It involved catching a wave and moving forward on the board with toes on the tail of the board. Then you move your knees up under your hips (like a dog standing), then “just stand up from that position… I can surf like a dog very well. I actually stood up briefly twice before falling into the surf.

With about five minutes left in our two hour time slot, I was trying to stand on the board and wiped out in about one foot of water. I turned over, face up-feet toward the ocean, when a wave blasted me in the face. Sand and water forced up my nose and into my mouth. It was very gritty and unpleasant. The best thing about this afternoon is there are no pictures! We did have a great time, though. Tomorrow I’ll write about our trip to Binna Burra and the rainforest in Lamington National Park--a World Heritage site.